Our services are underpinned by a framework of sustainable business and intelligent use of resorces and information systems. BeyHealth consultancy services are deliberately bespoke. Our business units seek a clear and detailed understanding of client objectives, and aim to deliver exceptional value through practical and well-researched application of assets and resources. Our scope of activities produces an end result of productivity and ehanced socioeconomic outcomes by harnessing the collective power of ideas, knowledge and health. 

‘‘...ideas that transform health’’

The work of our global consultancy is focused entirely on sub-Saharan Africa. We are interested in maximising the value of ideas that help transform healthcare. Our ideas forum is the intellectual organ of the consultancy and drives the mission expressed in the other two domains of service. It engages actively with subscribers, clients and partners, and offers a credible platform for advocacy, research and the sharing of best-practice ideals.


knowledge creation, lifelong learning

Our accredited international courses, annual conferences and continuing medical education seminars provide an outstanding and diverse educational curriculum, useful professional networking and high-quality teaching and learning environment. This service domain offers client-facing business relationships with private sector corporate organisations, public sector bodies and individual practitioners and providers. 

health governance standards and accountability

Bespoke corporate and clinical governance consultancy, high-level management and recruitment services, accountancy and Infomation management services on behalf of private and public sector healthcare institutions. This service domain includes design and delivery of personalised clinical services for complex medical needs. 


‘‘...we are interested in maximising the value of ideas that help transform health’’

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