Annual Conference

Masterclass Streams

The 2018 edition of the Healthcare Management Conference is organised into 5 educational (“Masterclass”) domains to support the central objectives of the conference theme. 

Medical Law and Ethics

  •  Hippocrates and the 4 (ethical) principles
  •  Philosophical viewpoints
  •  Professional integrity
  •  Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

Healthcare Governance and Administration

  •  Licensing, Indemnity and Accreditation
  •  Keeping a Register
  •  Audit, Research and Significant Events Reporting
  •  Professional Councils and Governing Bodies

Healthcare Funding and Consumer Protection

  •  Financing Healthcare Services
  •  Medico-legal Protection – Insurance and Professional Indemnity
  •  Provisions of the New National Health Bill

Accountability and the Law

  •  Negligence & Duty of Care
  •  The Law - Relevant statute, case law and regulation
  •  Case study

    Medical Malpractice and Negligence

    •  Doctor/Patient Relationship
    •  Record-keeping
    •  Communication
    •  Confidentiality and Consent

    Clinical Governance & Patient Safety

    •  Evidence-based clinical practice
    •  Responding to Complaints
    •  Continuing Medical Education and Training
    •  Good Medical Practice

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