Annual Conference

Course Objectives

The Medicine, Accountability and Law Conference aims to:

• Sensitise members of the medical and legal professions to the ethical and legal implications of aspects of medical practice in the context of Nigerian law. 

• Construct an objective critique of the existing medico-legal environment and identify essential requirements of a regulatory framework capable of improving patient safety, enhancing professional performance and safeguarding consumer protection in the interest of the public. 

• Articulate the basis for a coherent medico-legal position designed to influence policy and effect necessary changes to the law in support of the priorities above.

Programme Objectives

Each presentation and discussion is intended to help delegates:

 Develop an understanding of the moral and ethical principles underpinning the practice of medicine.

 Examine the role and responsibilities of the doctor in society and the need to ensure accountability and patient safety through professional regulation, clinical governance and evidence-based practice standards.

 Understand the legislative framework within which medicine is practised in Nigeria and acquire a working knowledge of existing laws and regulation pertaining to patient safety standards and healthcare consumer protection.

 Discuss recommendations and global best-practice standards for managing medico-legal risk, professional negligence and medical malpractice throughout the healthcare sector.

 Identify gaps in existing law, public policy and professional regulation standards using case study presentations, significant event analyses and active reflection on medico-legal aspects of example cases within the clinical environment.

 Consider the role and regulatory function of potential stakeholders in the healthcare industry and examine the implications of a medico-legal framework for maintaining professional performance standards and good medical practice.   

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