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Our Ethos

Health follows a social gradient, and the landscape of healthcare is changing all over the world. The work of our global consultancy is focused entirely on sub-Saharan Africa. In order to thrive as a business in the years ahead, we must understand the priorities and trends that shape our terrain and work together with partners on behalf of communities to prepare the region for opportunities to come.


Our Mission

is to curate, organise and disseminate through various platforms, relevant and applicable forms of practical evidence-based learning and to harness the collective resource of our networks and infrastructure to transform healthcare performance standards throughout private and public sector practice.

Our Vision 

is to make a significant and sustained contribution to healthcare performance standards and healthcare service reform across the region, to positively influence its socioeconomic indices and health-related outcomes on behalf of communities and population groups, and to enhance the academic and research environment responsible for birthing the next generation of healthcare practitioners and administrators. 


‘‘...a learning organisation’’ 

We are a learning organisation with a crucial investment in capacity-building and continuing medical education. We believe in the principle of influencing change from within. Our priority remains the creation of superior health outcomes derived from the advantages of an enabling learning environment, commitment to knowledge creation and sustained application of innovative practices. Our projects harness local and available resources, create embedded change solutions and enhance quality health outcomes on behalf of our clients and partners. We value each stakeholder partnership as an opportunity for meaningful collaboration and aim, on each occasion, to empower intrinsic resources, create competitive advantage and develop unique capabilities in the long-term interest of our partners.


Strategic objectives and planning 

The detail of our strategic plan is designed to support this agenda. It focuses on developing sector-wide competencies in 3 main areas of function – excellence in education, excellence in innovative practices and exceptional healthcare leadership and administration. Communication skills, critical thinking, attention to detail and collaborative teamwork are organisational competencies required to support this initiative internally. 

We understand the importance of exceptional people, robust processes, high-value networks and financial sustainability to the success of our consultancy practice and medical education programme. Our investment in these 4 enablers are a high priority in the administration of our affairs.  

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The BeyHealth Trust is a "learning organisation" dedicated to the ideals of lifelong learning and continuing professional development. The Expert Patient Programme (EPP) draws on a wealth of clinical education and teaching experience held within the organisation and deployed effectively to the advantage of our clients.

‘‘… the crucial underpinning of all good clinical care.’’

The BeyHealth Masterclass lecture series, established in 2011 in collaboration with the BeyHealth Foundation for Health and Social Care (otherwise known as the BeyHealth Trust) and College of Medicine, University of Lagos is an educational outreach programme currently in its fifth season. The programme delivers high quality accredited continuing medical education to medical practitioners and allied health professionals at the "coal-face" of practice in local communities and encourages the practice of evidence-based healthcare at all levels of the healthcare delivery sector. BeyHealth Consulting's annual scientific conference, themed 'Navigating Diabetes Care' is sub-Saharan Africa's foremost primary care educational conference dedicated to the subject of type 2 diabetes and related cardiovascular disease. BeyHealth's endeavours in this area are founded upon the premise that education is indeed "the crucial underpinning of all good clinical care".

‘‘…Our mission is to curate, organise and disseminate relevant and applicable forms of practical, evidence-based learning’’

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