Confidentiality & Information Systems

Sensible use of information technology helps us communicate effectively with our clients as well as keep the records we hold for you properly up to date. At BeyHealth, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and information security and are extremely conscious of our responsibility to safeguard your personal information. Our information governance and data security systems are extremely robust. We keep a clear and detailed record of each client and consultation enquiry. All our electronic records are encrypted, securely held and backed-up regularly according to the highest industry standards internationally. Our state-of-the-art radiological imaging system allows safe storage and electronic transfer of X-Ray, CT and MRI scan images securely between locations for specialist viewing and record keeping. This robust transmission system offers the additional benefit of expert first-hand (or second opinion) diagnostic radiological support from our specialist Radiology Consultants in real time and regardless of geographical location.

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