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World Hearing Day, 2023

It’s World Hearing Day, 2023 According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population, or approximately 430 million …

Clinical Governance

Commoditising Childbirth – Maternal surrogacy and the ethics of assisted conception

The term “surrogacy” is derived from the Latin word “subrogare”, which means to substitute. Encyclopaedia Britannica defines surrogacy as an arrangement in which a …

Clinical Governance

In Defence of Healthcare – Medical ethics and the question of a duty of care

PS:It falls to the editor of a to assume responsibility not just for the determined editorial slant of a magazine, …

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We aim to become the foremost provider of medical education and best-in-class healthcare solutions design and implementation on the African continent.


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“The entire end-end customer experience is incredibly amazing, second-to-none in Nigeria. The entire staff are well trained. I do hope the standard will be maintained in a sustainable path. Well done!!!”

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