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The BeyHealth Masterclass lecture series delivers a broad curriculum of accredited high quality continuing medical education programmes aimed primarily at developing specific clinical and leadership competences amongst a new generation of medical and allied health professionals operating at the 'coal-face' of public and private sector clinical practice in local communities and healthcare delivery institutions throughout Africa.

The Masterclass programme is designed to promote the ideals of lifelong learning, continuing medical education and evidence-based clinical practice across a diverse range of clinical and non-clinical disciplines relevant to provision of community healthcare and ancillary health services sectorwide.

The programmes's special interest annual conferences and targeted continuing medical education seminars encourage useful professional networking and actively promote a culture of accountability, ethical practice and good governance within evolving healthcare delivery economies of low and middle income countries.

The Navigating Diabetes Care Conference is West Africa's largest annual primary care conference dedicated to the subject of type-2 Diabetes. The programme focuses on evidence-based approaches to the management of type-2 Diabetes and considers the spectrum of related cardiovascular disease conditions of direct significance to 'at risk' individuals and population groups within the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Annual Scientific and Primary Care Diabetes Conference (Navigating Diabetes Care) 2016 is hosted by BeyHealth Consulting as part of its special edition (17th) Masterclass lectures series. The conference is scheduled to hold on the 13th and 14th of October at the Eko Hotel International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Lagos, Nigeria alongside the Medic West Africa Exhibition and Congress 2016. 

The theme of the 2016 conference is 'Targeting Risk and Improving Outcomes in Type-2 Diabetes'. Speakers at this year's conference will present a fresh appraisal of the subject through a variety of clinical and allied perspectives and attempt to broaden understanding of this vast and increasingly important global health challenge through a series of structured dialogues, highly informative lectures and incisive panel discussions. 

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